The Curiosity Box Series

New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong
The Curiosity Box (Hong Kong) - The Hometown Tourist
Duration of project: June 1st – July 5th, 2015.
Venue: New Capital Hotel, 2/F, Ying Lee Building, 323-331 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai

活動日期:2015 6 1 日至 7 5
:新都酒店 香港灣仔軒尼詩道 323–331 號英利大廈三樓
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In 2013, artist Lam Tung-pang traveled to New York City for the first time to live and work for 2 months, turning his apartment there into a semi-public/semi-private space where he made an installation with drawings and found objects, while inviting friends and strangers to join this creative process. Sponsored by the Asian Cultural Council, the artworks created during this residency were subsequently installed at the Chinese Culture Centre of San Francisco, and thus began Lam’s ongoing creative project: The Curiosity Box. With the New York residency as the first phase and the San Francisco exhibition the second, Lam Tung-pang is now embarking on the third phase of his Curiosity Box: The Hometown Tourist.

2013 年,藝術家林東鵬首次到訪美國紐約市。在旅居當地兩個月期間,他把起居 室創造成半公開、半私人的空間,讓他在進行畫作及裝置旅途上搜集的物件之餘, 亦可邀請舊雨新知共同參與創作歷程,期間的生活費用由亞洲文化協會贊助。。其 後,林東鵬把這些藝術作品移師到三藩市舊金山中華文化中心從新展示,造就了林 氏《好奇匣》持續創作計劃。經過了第一階段旅居紐約的創作及第二階段在三藩市 的展覽,林東鵬正開拓活動計劃的第三階段《好奇匣 · 香港》之作客家鄉。

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Encounter Space, Zurich, serves as "the imagined family" of the artist Lam Tung Pang.
The Curiosity Box (New York)
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During a time of growing awareness of self-identity within Hong Kong, artist Lam Tung-pang has decided to appropriate the role of a “tourist” within his own city. Lam muses that perhaps Hong Kong is undergoing a rebirth, and feels the desire to “re-visit” his hometown anew. To achieve this, the artist will move into a local hotel for 5 weeks, apart from his family, to restage the curiosity that he felt while traveling in the United States. His intention is to create a sense of estrangement with a place he is supposed to be most familiar with.

Lam’s home away from home will be at Wan Chai’s New Capital Hotel, whereby he will create an in situ installation inside individual rooms that will eventually take up an entire wing of the hotel. Artworks from the San Francisco exhibition will be reconfigured according to the physical constraints of this new setting, shown alongside a new body of artworks created over the course of his 5-week stay.


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Lam believes that the line separating art and life is blurry, and the notion of play in an everyday situation or space encourages an intimate interaction with the audience. The Hometown Tourist subverts the necessity of a museum setting for consecrating the value of an object. Adding further layers of alternate reality, Lam has invited a local writer Hon Lai Chu to collaborate as well by writing a travelogue (as a tourist herself) based upon what she discovers during her visit to the Curiosity Box; as well as UK based writer Jennifer Wong (originally from Hong Kong), who will create poetry inspired by the project. Finally, working alongside the local hotel space is a satellite project at a gallery space in Zurich (Counter Space), where Tung-pang will embark on a ‘virtual residency’, exhibited concurrently with his hometown visit. Framed as ‘letters to mum’, the artist will be feeding content to his alternate, fictional home in Switzerland.

林東鵬認爲藝術與生活息息相關,在現實生活中的創作可增進藝術家與觀衆的互動。通過作客家鄉的生活體驗,林東鵬打破了在博物館展示藝術作品的常規,把創作活現在旅館的空間,並且邀請了本地作家韓麗珠及移居英國的香港詩人 Jennifer Wong 參與這次《好奇匣》之旅;韓麗珠會以過客身份把所見所聞撰寫成遊 記,而 Jennifer 則為旅途創作詩詞。與此同時,林東鵬亦會在瑞士蘇黎世的 Counter Space 藝術廊設置他的虛擬居所,透過給母親的信把在香港的遊歷寄給遠在 瑞士虛構的家人。

The Curiosity Box (San Francisco)
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One of the hotel rooms in The Curiosity Box (Hong Kong) - The Hometown Tourist