Negotiating between the media of painting, video and installation, Lam Tung Pang’s new work is an inquisitive imagination of a carousel lantern. Inspired by one of the essays in Shuji Terayama’s (1935-1983) Fantasy Library, in which the author was mesmerized by the street magician Harry Houdini (1874-1926), whose skillful Magic threatened our belief system and concept of reality. However, once it is staged staged, it simply becomes an entertainment. The miracle stays on the stage and remains separated from our daily logic. Lam’s urge to flee into ruminating images is a humanistic response to his own fleeting surroundings, interrogating the viability of our city’s complex realities.

木馬燈籠的好奇想像。受到寺山修司《幻想圖書館》(1935-1983)中一篇散文的啟發,文中描寫作者被街頭 魔術師哈利胡迪尼(1874-1926)所迷惑,其爐火純青的魔術威脅到我們的信仰體系及現實的概念。但一旦上演,它就變成一種娛樂,奇蹟停留在舞台上,並與我們的邏輯思維分隔。林想要逃往讓人墮入沉思的圖像的衝動,是對自己瞬息萬變的環境的人文回應,質疑這城市複雜現實的可行性。