Toys Stop玩具亭

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Art is an excuse…to create an emergency zone for life.
Lam Tung Pang


位於香港最繁忙的地鐵站之一的尖沙咀站之內,玩具亭是一間只能玩,不能買東西的店鋪。林東鵬透過轉化chi K11 art space 到原來商店的狀態,創造一個給公眾玩樂及放鬆的空間。

玩具亭內的4個區(玩具與劇場, 玩築城市, 軟塑園及閱讀區)各自帶有不同的功能,兩個月的活動期間吸引超過三萬人參與。這個「商舖」空間鼓勵小孩探索,發問和互動,而不是購物。「亭() 」內展示了多樣的訂制作品,並藉此給予家庭共處及與其他參觀者休息玩樂體驗。


Toys Stop

Located in one of most busiest MTR Station, Tsim Sha Tsui, Toys Stop is a shop where you are free to stay and play but not buying anythings. Artist Lam Tung Pang created a free space for public to play and relax by transforming chi K11 art space to its original state as a shop.

In Toys Stop, the 4 zones (Toys and Theatre, Construction as Play, Soft Sculpture Park and Reading Area) serve as different functions
, attracted over 30,000 visitors in 2 months. Children are encourage to explore, question and interact instead of shopping in the space. It acts as a ‘Stop’ for family to spend time together and play with other visitors through various commission materials placing at the venue.

Period: 9 Jan – 7 Mar 2016

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